Façade Engineering Services – Façade Design Consultancy

Façade Engineering Services – Façade Design Consultancy

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Designing an outer skin for your structures is much more than achieving an artistic vision. When it comes to Façade Design, a unidirectional approach will absolutely lead failure. Façade Design is more about:


  • Buildability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Durability
  • Long term sustainability
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Energy saving
  • Accessibility


As SOLUTIONS by Liftinstituut, we provide full support to designers for optimizing their Façade Design in all aspects. Remember; Façade along with the roof, affects construction budget up to 35%.


Book a free meeting with our experienced specialists to achieve a high performing and cost efficient Façade Design.


Mail: contact@solutionsbyliftinstituut.com

Phone Number: +31 20 – 435 06 07

Façade Design Consultancy
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