“Design for Vertical Communities”

“Design for Vertical Communities”

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“In many ways, Skyscrapers are the ultimate expression of modernity and optimism. Throughout the history of the high-rise debate, technical innovations have propelled the building industry, constantly pushing for higher, newer and better. In the evolution of this debate, and in relation to the densification of our cities, technical innovations have become the status-quo and the integration of technologies in buildings has become a new driving force for both new build structures and re-modelling projects. Within both architecture in general and in the work of UNStudio, we have seen a shift from perceiving skyscrapers as solitary buildings (objects) in our cities, to understanding these vertical structures as new neighbourhoods in the sky (communities). Especially triggered by the recent pandemic crisis, we now need to focus on appropriately designing these vertical ‘cities-within-cities’, all the while taking into account current societal, socioeconomic and environmental issues. Considering that this entails future proofing our cities and our buildings, what does designing for vertical communities actually mean? If we design-think them now, how do we ensure that they remain future proof in times to come? Is there a new optimism connected to skyscrapers now and what does that look like…”


Astrid Piber

MSc. Architecture

Partner, UNStudio

Designing for Vertical Communities
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